CEREC Connect InLab

Digital Dental Lab in New Jersey Offers Cerec Connect InLab

  • CEREC Connect has increased the versatility and usefulness of the CEREC chairside CAD/CAM system. It also allows dentists who have invested in the CEREC system to expand its capabilities and to continue offering state-of-the-art technology to their patients. Sabra Dental Studio makes that possible for their accounts.
  • We at Sabra Dental Studio, a digital dental lab in New Jersey, have invested in the Cerec Connect InLab system to accommodate our doctors. Sending digital cases to the lab saves valuable time and money.
  • When you work with a CEREC Connect lab, like Sabra Dental Studio, with cases that are more involved as combination type cases the results are renowned pieces of art. The lab’s knowledge and guidance ensures the doctor that a digital case coming in through the Cerec inLab connect digital highway rarely proceeds with issues and always without trouble and gets accomplished according to the guidance of the labs master technicians plan.

Digital Dental Lab in New Jersey Knows CEREC is a Great Option for Same-Day Crowns

  • Dentists who provide same-day crowns to their patients (a great service) have high expectations in the esthetic zone (anterior) and special requirements for their patients, especially in the anterior region. These doctors send us their cases through CEREC Connect with our digital dental lab in New Jersey. There are plenty of multi-unit cases, but those can’t be milled chairside. It seems the future of dentistry is this: The lab works as a specialist, analogous to an endodontist who sees the tough cases. The easy posterior crowns get milled chairside, and the esthetic challenges and large cases are left to the skill and artistry of today’s dental technician, who will get better at these cases through repetition.
  • If you haven’t looked into CEREC lately, I encourage you to learn more about this impressive system. If you prefer the traditional method of lab-fabricated restorations, where you focus on preps and impressions, rest assured that by sending the case to us, there is a pretty good chance it will still be touched by CAD/CAM technology.